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"Anyone can cook."

I have no innate cooking ability or desire to be a chef.  I just really love Korean food.

My wife is Korean, I am a blend of everything from Western Europe. Learning about Korean culture through my wife has been an adventure, and has opened me up to so many new and amazing things.  Now that we have three kids (all boys), we are doing our best to ensure they don't lose the Korean part of their identity.  My way of helping has been as household chef. 

Additionally, food is inextricably related to culture and history.  The history of Korean cuisine is fascinating and a timeline of historical events. In this way, I see cooking as an anthropological study.  As I cook more and more, I understand more about my wife and her family, and her culture.

Finally, I really hope to demystify Asian food for my fellow baekins.  It's so, so good, and not any more difficult than "American food." 

But about me: We live in Northern Virginia, have three kids, and are both teachers.  


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