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Kimbap Balls (주먹밥 - Jumeok-bap)

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Would your kids rather eat, McDonald's, candy, or rice and seaweed balls? Obviously your answer is the rice balls. Right?⁠

If you've ever made kimbap rolls (the ones that look like Korean sushi) you know it takes awhile. If you haven't made them, I'm telling you it takes A LONG TIME! Totally worth it, but it takes a day of planning and cooking to put them together, and all the ingredients can add up in costs.

This is a little hack that accomplishes a similar result with significantly less work. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish, and it got our kids to eat something green. Our little ones demolish these when we make them, and as a bonus, they can work as a main course. This recipe is for a tuna version, but you could add bulgogi, or veggies, or American cheese, or whatever else you want. I fully support experimenting!


1/4 cup dried seaweed⁠ (김 - kim. This is where kimbap gets half of its name)

2 cups rice⁠ (밥 - bap - means cooked rice. This is the other half of kimbap)

2-1/2 tablespoons sesame seed oil⁠

1 tablespoon sushi vinegar

2 teaspoons sugar⁠⁠

1 tablespoon sesame seeds⁠


1 can of tuna⁠


1. Take two cups of cooked rice and put it in a medium sized bowl⁠

2. Add sesame seed oil,⁠ sushi vinegar, sugar, and sesame seeds to the rice. Mix well to make sure ingredients are well combined. ⁠

3. Add salt to taste.⁠

4. Take half of a can of tuna (more if you want) and drain it well. It's best if you squeeze the water out completely. Add tuna to rice⁠.

5. You can buy pre-cut strips of seaweed, or you can slice up the bigger sheets into 1" long strips you want 1/4 cup of sliced seaweed (kim 김)

6. Add in tuna and seaweed and mix well.⁠

7. Taste and add ingredients till you are satisfied.

8. Roll mixture into 1" round balls, top with more sesame seeds, and BOOM. Snack Time!⁠

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